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5 tips to minimize your risk for Dementia and Alzheimers

Cardio Miracle can play a KEY role in helping you to avoid potential risks for Dementia and Alzheimer's....

Today we are sharing 5 tips to minimize your potential risk for Dementia and Alzheimer's, by our founder John B. Hewlett

As many of us approach the autumn of the year, and in many cases the autumn or early winter of our lives, the "Elephant in the room," is mobility, dependence on children, spouses, the state, chronic pain, and the dreaded loss of one's mind.

As we start having short term lapses of where we put things, or names that at one time were at instant recall, or start repeating ourselves; the inner fear of memory degeneration and the ultimate catastrophe of dementia and its relatives marches to the forefront of our priorities and thoughts.


Over 50 million adults are now afflicted with these mind numbing diseases, with over 10 million being added to their rolls each year. Everyone has seen its ravages either first or second hand once they enter adulthood. The 90 year old spouse or grandparent is challenging enough, but when it attacks the seemingly normal at mid 50's the drama and collateral damage is rippled exponentially.

Now in my 66th year, I've lost several close friends and relatives in their 60's, and have observed others with major symptoms emerging in the 50's. The lives affected by these unrelenting crippling diseases is horrific to observe from the outside, and a living hell for those in the caregiving, and immediate familial realm. One of my dearest friends remarked after the first year of full time care of his dementia afflicted spouse of 50 years, "And these are the Golden Years?? Of course, who can forget the movie, On Golden Pond, and our feelings watching Kate Hepburn, and the Old Poop, Henry Fonda, as they dealt with that reality in their advancing age and health. I was in my 30's then, but now 30 years later it is a more realistic living nightmare of which I hope to avoid.


I've seen brilliant writers, leaders, athletes, musicians, and engaging people leveled to inoperable , couch, recliner, and bedridden status within months. It is painful to watch, and even worse to pay for and be caregivers for 24hours a day, with no end in sight!

I remember a close friend once telling me, "Just put a pillow over my head if it happens to me, I wouldn't wish my being a burden like that on anyone I love."

As the research continues to move slowly forward, with the usual solution being toxic , with multiple side effect laden prescription drugs, the scramble and dash to find anything helpful is a multi billion if not trillion dollar crap shoot for the winners. Having spent the last decade in the alternative health world, however, I think there are many things that can help, without waiting for the next toxic drug bandaid to be discovered.


There is significant research that we have now coming forward that addresses the preventative aspects of diet and lifestyle changes that can prevent or delay the impact.


There are numerous recommended dietary options that have clinical research for brain health and its connection to the gut's role in blood chemistry, and reducing inflammation. Quality omega oils, found in nuts, seeds, avocado, marine life, and other foods are critical in keeping the brain tissue and its substantial cholesterol basis in functional order. Diets rich in organic foods, fruits, vegetables, natural fiber, nutrients, and quality proteins can provide tremendous benefits. Pure, clean water, and quality beverages hydrate the cells, and help keep the reproducing brain tissue alive, and assist in the cleansing and removal of toxic waste and excess accumulated proteins. Most people are dehydrated, and with their intake of liquids often being full of caffeine, tannic acid, or sugars, it causes more inflammation and constricting of the capillaries than quality liquids and beverages. Alkaline vegetable juices, water with higher PH levels, fresh lemon, lime, or other infused fluids can be very helpful. STOP DRINKING DIET CAFFEINATED SODA IMMEDIATELY!!!

The world renown Hippocrates lifestyle, with Brain Clement PHD, and other breakthroughs and education in alkaline health, like the PH Miracle authored by my longtime friend Robert Young, are both proven and profound insights to be considered in prevention and alkalinity education.


Many of us struggle with the time, discipline, and proximity of fun exhilarating exercise on a regular basis. One of my closest friends, about 70, works out faithfully several hours a day. He is able to maintain his weight, and though he often eats a poor diet, his exercise, genetics, and daily commitment has paid dividends at least physically on his exterior for many years. His diet of fast food, soda, and other treats may end up leading to other issues, but obesity, and diabetes has avoided him thus far.

The great running legend Stan Cottrell, who doesn't run for speed, but for distance and endurance gave this advice, "Walk 7 1/2 minutes one way, then turn around and walk back . Increase this amount by 30 seconds each way until you are at 15 minutes each way, four times a week." Now that is a plan that almost anyone can do. There is clear evidence that stretching, gardening, yoga, pilates, dancing, golf, pickleball, bouncing on a jogger , for a few minutes daily will keep the lymph system functioning, and the oxygen and blood circulating. This movement on a daily basis has proven to be a major deterrent to brain degeneration. Daily activity also produces important hormones and enzymes for healthy cell reproduction, and body chemicals that contribute to emotional, mental, and physical benefits.


Another key element in prevention of cognitive clarity is quality nutrients, vitamins, and supplementation. Research has shown the importance of absorbable Vitamin C, B's, E, D3 and others . Taking handfuls of different vitamins can be expensive, inefficient, and inconvenient. Our food supply, and even organic labeled are often compromised and come from uncertain soils and sources. Quality supplements for reputable sourced ingredients, along with improved absorption, can make a HUGE difference. 20 years ago, the Nobel Prize was awarded in Medicine for the role that Nitric Oxide performs in the cardiovascular system and cells. Nitric oxide can be stimulated with amino acids like arginine, citrulline, and with nitrate rich vegetables like beets, spinach, kale, and others. Nitric oxide heals capillary inflammation, repairs the heart and other organ tissues, and dilates the artery thinning the wall for greater absorption to the cell. When you combine Nitric oxide delivery with quality vitamins, minerals and ingredients You have the ultimate in cellular repair and nourishing. There are few nitric oxide supplements that deliver 24 hour sustained benefits, so choosing supplements and nitric oxide delivering agents needs to be carefully researched for the most effective, and comprehensive benefits available.

For brain health and prevention, nitric oxide supplementation has proven research in lowering blood pressure, import I guess the HDL LDL ratio of cholesterol, improving liver and kidney function and triglyceride levels, and lowering the A1C inflammation marker in the blood. This along with delivering critical levels of Vitamin C, B group, D3, and other anti inflammatory ingredients, and the absorption of the critical omega oils, has proven great benefit in healing the impact of excess sugar and simple carbs which damage the capillaries, lymph system, and the brain cells.

One of the least known benefits of stimulating nitric oxide is it's impact on the lymphatic contraction throughout the hundreds of thousands of miles of lymphatic vessels in the body. It is critical to increase blood flow, oxygen and nutrients to the cell, but especially with inflammation and brain health it is imperative to keep the lymph fluid flowing, the contraction strong and efficient, and the removal of the bodies waste products timely to avoid brain cell suffocation and inflammation from the toxic exhaust and residue from our metabolic processes.


Another key element is to keep learning, thinking, and communicating. Word games, cross word puzzles are often mentioned, but any thinking, reading, learning and communication is useful. The brain is like other muscles and tissue, that it needs hydration, quality nutrition, lymphatic contraction, and activity to be at it's best. Writing in journals, a personal history, genealogical research, hand written letter writing, and even social media activities can all keep the brain active and alert.


Of course we have heard and sung about, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. Love does help the world go round. The role of service, in our churches, communities, charities, and families will help keep the brain sharp and active. Passive activities that lack movement, thinking, communication , and participation will contribute to the downward spiral of brain inactivity. One of the best ways to deal with depression, and deteriorating thinking is to find compassionate service to others and go and serve someone else. By putting your health and wellbeing in perspective, and implementing the above recommendations you will find hope, happiness, and improved health and mobility. By living in the present with an attitude of gratitude, having daily prayers of thanks for the many joys and experiences of life, will all contribute to your brain continuing toward a healthy and functional existence and provide tremendous benefits to your daily mortal experience.


Create a daily working objective to eliminate the toxic drinks, excess sugars, and processed foods as the highest priority. Take the time to begin a daily movement program leading to fun and enjoyable activities that require thinking, activity and gratitude. Daily prayer, journal writing, learning, communication both written and electronic will help with maintaining brain clarity and foster more loving relationships. Take a high quality Nitric oxide supplement like Cardio Miracle, (, ) to provide life altering Nitric oxide and other organic, pure absorbable nutrients daily to compensate for the environmental toxins and challenges with adequate nutrition. Live each day as a gift from our Creator, and proactively take charge of your time, your life, and your health. By improving your heart and brain health and by implementing the above suggestions you will make tremendous strides in preventing the Grim Reaper of brain dysfunction, dementia and Alzheimer's and not add you and your loved ones to their rising list of victims.