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Heart Awareness Month and Valentines

Valentines Day and Heart Health Month

Taking care of your heart both physically and emotionally is important all year round, but February brings the awareness to the forefront. Cardio Miracle is the finest, most complete, dual pathway delivery of nitric oxide in the industry. One of the key components to the formula is a therapeutic dose of vitamin D3. Nitric oxide signaling throughout the bodies three vessel systems, cardiovascular, lymphatic, and nervous , fights inflammation, tissue damage, and plaque buildup. It dilates the capillaries, increases the lymphstic contractions, making absorption more readily available to the cell of the numerous high quality ingredients in the formulas.

Blood flow assists in sexual arousal, performance, and stamina making for a more physically fulfilling and emotionally successful experience for both partners. Increased blood flow and healthy lymphatic lubrication improves the bodies response in numerous ways.

Womens health should receive extra emphasis this month. A woman's heart is smaller, and strucurally different than mens. Their vessels are also smaller, thus they can have different symptoms than men have with the warning signs of angina pain. Mens heart health is often physical and mechanical, while a womans may often be more emotional and physically connected. Womens symptoms are often subtle and misdiagnosed as nausea, menopause related, or other neurological type of signals versus chest pain, or shortness of breath.

The leading killer of men and women is heart disease, followed by diabetes, and other vascular related complications.

Cardio Miracle with the dual pathway delivery and 24/7 sustained nitric oxide delivers protection against these killer conditions. It helps blood flow, delivers nutrients to the tissues, and reduces inflammation and plaque build up in all of the vessels and organs of the body.

Nitric oxide supplementation, through Cardii Miracle, is the ultimate gift to yourself, and to anyone you love, and who loves you.