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Nitric oxide 2017

When we chose the name, Evolution Nutraceuticals it was under the premise that we would be committed to improving the nitric oxide delivery of our core product, Cardio Miracle. 2016 was such a year. Our first, truly finalized version of the product was delivered in September of 2015 from our manufacturer Deseret Labs in St George Utah. It was the finest dual pathway delivery product I believe on the planet. Over the past 16 months, we have improved the product two additional times. We have increased the organic fruit and vegetable powders for greater nutritional value , and efficacy. We have now introduced the ORGEN B vitamins for greater absorbability and to overcome the MTHFR gene, which affects over half the populations ability to absorb B vitamins. We have increased the Astragin, a branded ingredient of Astragalas root, and Panax Gingseng which has been clinically proven to increase nitric oxide by over 50%. We have used organic and natural ingredients wherever possible to reduce possible toxicity from synthetic vitamin buildup, going to the more natural form where feasible.

Our revolutionary Vegan version, is made from 100% naturally occurring ingredients, and has been endorsed by the renown Hippocrates Health institute in West Palm Beach Florida, for its purity and benefits.

Cardio Miracle is defining the category in nearly every way, with its significant dual pathway delivery of nitric oxide. There is no product we are aware of, that even comes close to the number and quality of the ingredients in each serving. It literally serves as a complete health, and nitric oxide boosting beverage, which when taken twice a day, has enormous benefits.

With the advent of the New Year, we are anxious to continue our quest to provide the finest product, at the best value per serving in the marketplace.